Jazz guitarist Mark Wingfield and harpsichordists Jane Chapman made musical history at Handel House, one of London’s most historic venues. This former residence of Handel, was also the home of Jimi Hendrix some 200 years later. In this setting, for the first time ever, the electric guitar and harpsichord; the musical instruments of Handel and Hendrix, were played together by two of Britain’s most innovative musicians. They return there in April 2016 performing music from their forthcoming album to celebrate the recent development and restoration of the building. Other performances have included Kings Place, London, the Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, Manchester,Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton.
Mark and Jane are currently working on a new album with Brazilian percussionist Adriano Adewale.
The strings of the electric jazz guitar, using the latest in sound modeling technology, resonate with the timeless strings of the harpsichord to produce a unique and beautiful landscape. These two highly original musicians create a scintillating and uplifting musical experience where the very old meets the very new, improvisation meets composition and East meets West.

Mark Wingfield

Mark is one of the most original and distinctive electric guitarists playing today. As Guitar Player Magazine puts it: “Mark Wingfield has created a unique electric guitar vocabulary his playing is characteristically deep, nuanced, and inventive.

Mark’s guitar playing is steeped in the language of jazz, with influences such as John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett and Jan Garbarek as well as rock players such as Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix.  However other often eclectic influences such as Indian, Japanese and African music also feature strongly in Mark’s playing. These influences are fused with jazz and western classical music, and seamlessly integrated into a unique and highly distinctive musical voice.

Mark is signed to the New York City jazz label MoonJune Records but also releases albums on the Dark Energy Music and Greydisc labels.



“The sound of this music is bigger than its component parts… Wingfield’s guitar as a piercing, darting, spectral sound full of artful glissandi… Proof Of Light provides both heat and light, airiness and cool breezes, tight orchestration and ethereal openness” Downbeat * * * * ½

“Wingfield possesses the goods to be a world-beater. He’s an idiosyncratic stylist who infuses wistful delights into his mode of attack, while sparking vivid notions that the guitar is an extension of his soul… Astounding virtuosity and unique voice.” All About Jazz

“Guitarists who offer a truly individual style, something to say beyond technique, are harder to find. Mark Wingfield falls into the latter category.” Relix Magazine (NYC USA)

“I found myself amazed” The WholeNote (Canada)

“This is wonderful in every way… Makes its way into the world of elite musical recordings… I was glued to every second of the music.” Art Rockin Magazine

“As a guitarist Mark Wingfield is quite extraordinary”Background Magazine (Holland)

“His superb phrasing is just the start. It’s his choices in tone and the way his notes spill into unusual areas… just coat your ear holes with gooey goodness… Even with the chops of god that all concerned surely possess; they submerge individual hot spots for the common cool.” Modmove (Australia)

“Celebrated British guitarist”  “Virtuoso” Guitar Player Magazine

“Irresistible beauty” “Extraordinary” “Sublime” “Magnificent” LUX ATENEA

“almost moved me to tears.” BBC

Jane Chapman

Jane Chapman – “Britain’s most progressive harpsichordist” (Independent on Sunday) and “The hippest harpsichordist around” (London Metro) is a truly versatile musician, redefining the harpsichord for a new audience. Forever pushing the boundaries, her recordings and performances of traditional and cutting edge repertoire are equally acclaimed. She “plays with brilliance and sensitivity” (Classic CD) ” a fearless contemporary music performer”(The Guardian).In the words of the Wall Street Journal: “Jane Chapman is one of Britain’s most distinguished classical harpsichordists, with a repertoire that stretches from early music to contemporary avant-garde. Her work is rapidly bringing the harpsichord into the 21st century and establishing her reputation as a rule-breaker.”

“Jane Chapman plays with brilliance and sensitivity” Classic CD

“her virtuosity commands attention” BBC Music Magazine

“Britain’s most progressive harpsichordist” The Independent on Sunday

“Jane Chapman is a fearless contemporary music performer…… you have to respect Chapman’s virtuosity and guts” The Guardian

“Played with dizzy virtuosity by the astonishing Jane Chapman” Musical Opinion

“Her progressive spirit and comprehensive technique have inspired composers to forge new parameters and sound worlds for the harpsichord with works of unprecedented musical and technological scope” Harpsichord & Fortepiano

“The sorceress of the harpsichord” Radio Times

“Stylish and eloquent” The Times